9 June 2009

Lyon Love

I've been home for a month now & totally neglecting my blog. Instead of writing a giant entry I'm just going to post a list I made right before I left Lyon for the last time. Short & sweet- such a rarity when it comes to my posts!

Things I will miss about Lyon:
-my friends
-speaking French every day
-baguettes from around the corner
-springtime flowers IN APRIL
-Croix-Rousse (& all the bobos!) 
-the market 
-arome de lyon (cheese) from the shop on my street
-cheap wine 
-the TGV
-walking everywhere
-picking up food at little local shops
-picnics in the park
-the boats on the quai 
-Paris 2 hrs away
-sitting in caf├ęs for hours
-the velo'vs. 

I'm sure I could think of more...but in a nutshell...there's a little bit of Lyon for ya....


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